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SpiceJet airline :

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About SpiceJet airline:


SpiceJet airlines are one of India’s low cost airlines which are run privately. The main aim of SpiceJet airline is to offer low fares which can be affordable to all the passengers wanting to travel by air.


SpiceJet airlines has maintained a very high efficient quality service for their passengers and are regarded to be, though low in cost but provides world class services on offer. Also SpiceJet is one of the newest airlines to be launched in India in 2005.


The airline SpiceJet are competing and strategizing to match the airfare offered by Indian Railways services.   So hope to get a better and cheapest means of travel through SpiceJet airline.




SpiceJet airline fleet:


SpiceJet airline presently have 11 Boeing 737-800, with 15 more Boeing 737-800 are set on order to increase their fleet size. Along with this aircrafts, SpiceJet are powering themselves to order 5 Boeing 737-900ER

SpiceJet airlines cover almost all the major cities in India which includes all the metropolitan cities in India.





SpiceJet airline website:


The website of SpiceJet airline is http://www.spicejet.com/ or you can visit the link given below.


The website of SpiceJet airline provides you with lots of information. Details regarding booking a flight, PNR lookup, web check-in, flight status, and spice destinations, special offers, details regarding red hot fares and many more.


Also there is information related to hotels available to stay during your stay in the concerned cities during your time of travel.



SpiceJet airline Website:



SpiceJet airline hubs/airport (stations) & headquarters:


SpiceJet airline hubs are located in Indira Gandhi International Airport and Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport.


The Headquarters of SpiceJet airline is based in New Delhi.






Chairman and CEO of SpiceJet airline:


The Chairman and CEO of SpiceJet is Mr. Siddhanta Sharma. The main aim of SpiceJet being introduced was that, every common people could get assess to the dream of traveling in a Aircraft.







Destinations SpiceJet airline:


SpiceJet airline currently flies to 14 destinations in India. The destinations are Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi, Goa, Guwahati, Hyderabad, Jaipur, Jammu, Kolkata, Mumbai, Pune, Srinagar, and Varanasi.


According to the airline, SpiceJet airline now has a total of 118 daily flights across 14 destinations in India.


With new more aircrafts in line to be added to its fleet, the fleet size will increase so that there can be increased flights to various destinations and hopes to accommodate more passengers and provide quality services.


 Destinations of SpiceJet




To Book Online tickets of SpiceJet airline, where to find:


If you want to book the online ticket of SpiceJet airline you can just visit the link given below.


Going to the webpage link given below will direct you to the booking information you are searching for, which has information regarding flight departure and arrival.


You can check about the destination to which you want to fly from and also check for destination you want to reach. If you want to know the schedule by date all the information is given below in the link.


Click here >> SpiceJet airline Booking online.


Or if you are not able to assess the link above you can copy and paste this link, http://book.spicejet.com/skylights/cgi-bin/skylights.cgi?module=SB







SMS to SpiceJet airline:


In four steps
Step 1: Search for the cheapest airfares. SMS Fly, first three letters of originating city, first three letters of destination city, date of flying to 4242 and receive list of cheapest air tickets (e.g. Fly Del Mum 28 July)
Step 2: SMS Fly Book to book
Step 3: A customer care representative will call back to complete the booking
Step 4: The PNR number is delivered via SMS and you can collect the e-ticket from the airport counter or print it online





Fares of SpiceJet airline:


List of few ticket prices offered by SpiceJet airline are given below in the links:


For knowing the exact amount of airfares of SpiceJet airline Ahmedabad to different cities, Bangalore to different cities, Bombay to different cities check on the below link


Fares of SpiceJet airlines 
















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