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About Go Air:


Go Air is one of India’s low cost airlines, which is also known as people’s airline. The services in Go Air are provided with a smile. Despite Go Air’s low cost availability, Go Air does not compromise on their security and sees to that everything goes well with the passengers.


Go Air has its logo as “fly smart”. The fares in Go Air are almost marginally higher than that of train and are easily assessable airline with smart communication. If you want to fly smart then Choose Go Air.


Go Air travels to various business destinations famous in India and staffs are well trained for the required services in their individual categories.


Trust and Integrity – are new themes which as been newly introduced by Wadia Group.





Go Air fleet:


Go Air has 7 Airbus A320-200 in its services. Many more fleets are also being ordered in order to expand the services of Go Air to all over India.


Go Air website:


The website of Go Air is http://www.goair.in/ or you can visit the link given below.


The website of Go Air provides you with lots of information. Details regarding canceling your booking, viewing the credit note, Go Agent login, Go outlets, Citizen charter and also about the smart fare finder information.


The Smart fare chart is given below in the website of Go Air, were in you know the amount smart fare offers you to the place of travel.


Also there is special feature offered in the Website as GoWeb, were you have to book tickets in the website, you have chances of wining 2 free return tickets. For more information search the website of Go Air.


Go Air Webiste 




Go Air hubs/airport (stations) & headquarters:


Go Air hub is located in Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport.

The headquarters of Go Air is situated in Mumbai and also travels to about 13 different destinations or cities.  




Chairman of Go Air airline:


The Chairman of Go Air is Nusli Wadia. And the managing Director of GoAir is Jehangir Wadia, who with his approach of doing business in an innovative manner, is planning out on the projects and models which will make many villages self reliant .




Latest updates about GoAir airline:


Go Air has planned to reduce up to 20-25% of its promoter’s equity to raise funds and are devising plans to add a dozen odd aircraft between them and Indigo in 2007.


GoAir, are on the way to eliminate the extra charges payable on all Call centre Ticketing Office (CTO) and Airport Ticketing Office bookings (ATO) which will commence from February 14,2007. From this GoAir passengers can save additional Rs 75/- on all bookings made via CTO/ATO.


Mr. Jeh Wadia, Managing Director GoAir said, “Cost is definitely a major consideration while booking an airline ticket. We, at GoAir, would like to offer our price conscious passengers the choice of getting tickets at rock bottom prices, even the chance to get free tickets across 13 Indian destinations. The elimination of the CTO/ATO charges will make us more competitive and attractive while also bringing in additional benefits to our passengers."




Destinations GoAir flies:


Go Air currently flies to 13 destinations in India. The destinations are Ahmedabad, Bengalooru (Bangalore), Chennai, Cochin, Delhi, Goa, Hyderabad, Jaipur, Jammu, Mumbai, Srinagar.


According to the new summer schedule, GoAir now has a total of 387 weekly flights across 13 destinations in India.


With new more aircrafts in line to be added to its fleet, the fleet size will increase so that there can be increased flights to various destinations and hopes to accommodate more passengers and provide quality services.







To Book Online tickets of GoAir, where to find:


If you want to book the online ticket of GoAir you can just visit the link given below.


Going to the webpage link given below will direct you to the booking information you are searching for, which has information regarding flight departure and arrival. The first class tickets are also available.  


You can check about the destination to which you want to fly from and also check for destination you want to reach. If you want to know the schedule by fare or date all the information is given, below the online booking section.


Click here >>GoAir Booking online.


Or if you are not able to assess the link above you can copy and paste this link, http://goair.booksecure.net/Criteria.aspx







SMS to GoAir:


SMS facility for GoAir is available, through this SMS facility you can access flight schedule and required information. Just SMS GoAir to 3636 and the will call you within 24 hrs and get all the information you want to know about Go Air.


Fares of Go Air:


List of few ticket prices offered by Go Air are given below in the links:


For knowing the exact amount of airfares of Go Air Ahmedabad to different cities, Bangalore to different cities, Bombay to different cities check on the below link


Go Air Fare



And to check in detail about the fares offered by Kingfisher airlines, you can visit the link below:


 Detailed Go Air fares

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